Tips and Tricks for Applying to the Disney College Program

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney

When applying for the Disney College Program, every step involved was absolutely worth it, including having to apply 3 different times. I learned so many things.

The first time I applied, was in Fall 2017 for Spring 2018 so I would have been 18 at the time. When I applied I knew nothing, absolutely nothing about the program. I had only researched on their official website and didn’t go to other people’s posts about the program. I just knew I loved Disneyland and that I wanted an experience of a lifetime.

The second time I applied was in Spring 2018 for Fall 2018. I had gotten an email notification that I set up during the last application to notify me when applications can be filled out. I filled out the application and a couple days later I got a WBI, which means, Web Based Interview. I was so excited and I did it, right then and there. When taking a WBI you get the results immediately and I was heart-broken that I didn’t pass.

The third time was when I got into the Disney College Program. It was Fall 2018 and i was applying for Spring 2019. Though this time when I got that email notification, I was deeply involved in my sorority and I was living in a dorm with my friends and I wasn’t as desperate to get in. But I filled out the application anyways because why not. Like all the times before the only person I told about applying was my mom. So how come this application differ than the rest and how did I get in?

  • Tip 1: Don’t tell anyone you’re applying to the DCP. Unless you’re willing to risk telling all your family and friends that you didn’t get in. It helps not having other people’s opinions about the program impact your decisions. It also gives a heightened sense of excitement for when you do get in, that you have good news to tell.
  • Tip 2: When applying to the DCP, there is a section where you can add your resume, your transcript, any videos or photos you may have. First time I didn’t even see that as a possibility. Third time, I put in my resume and transcript and a few days later I got a WBI.
  • Tip 3: When doing the WBI, which I read up on before taking this time, it is important you answer as many questions as you can with the strongly agree or strongly disagree questions. These questions are trying to weed out the people who they feel don’t belong in this sessions DCP. Of course, putting one or two maybe questions wouldn’t hurt. But think about it, when answering a real interviewer, you never say well…maybe to a question like are you a good roommate? You say most definitely. Yes, you may have had roommate disputes in the past, or even never had a roommate, but if you put maybe that leaves the computer to decide that you aren’t a good fit. You can’t explain your answer especially to a robot.

If you’ve made it to the end of your WBI, and you got that email saying Schedule Your Phone Interview, congrats you almost made it! Now I researched everything I could about the phone interview. This was my first time taking it and I had no clue what kind of questions they were going to ask me. I was worried. After searching online, I found out there are many roles that you can be placed under. Joining Facebook groups are very helpful as well in researching your role or about your application before you even take it. I joined 3 different groups. When I joined I realized some people had already gotten in! Which brings me to another tip:

  • Tip 4: Know the date of when applications are open. Although the DCP isn’t “first come first serve”, because it is still an application process, those who get in first means those who apply later are less likely to get in because the spaces are limited.

So when researching DCP interview questions I came upon this blog post and it was so helpful in preparing my answers. For the link click here.

  • Tip 5: Know what role you want. Be confident that you would be the best person for that role, and even explain why. If they cover your role in the interview like Could you pass a swim test? And you say yes, doesn’t mean you’ll get that job. So like I said above, it is important that you state what job you want in the end of the interview if they don’t ask you already.
  • Tip 6: It is also important to know what other 2-4 jobs you would want instead. They typically ask what is your top 3-5 role choices, so it is important to be prepared.
  • Tip 7: Know what park you want the job in. This is key especially for the role I got. You could be placed merchandise, but there are so many different merchandise stores and options just under that role. So it is important for them to know where you would prefer to be placed. Also keep in mind the busyness of the area. If you are one that wants a lot of customers then choose Magic Kingdom Emporium or Downtown Disney’s World of Disney.
  • Tip 8: At the end of the interview they are going to ask: Do you have any questions for me? You are not going to ask about how much you are going to get paid! You want to show them you are there for an experience of a lifetime and not there for the money although you may be curious. The questions you can ask are about your preferences or even questions about your interviewer. Such as I asked the question: Have you done the program? If so why do you like working for Disney? She told me because she likes making magical moments for guests.
  • Tip 9: At the end of the interview they will say something like: Thanks for talking Georgia. And you will respond with something like thank you ____. At the beginning of the interview they will say their name like hi this is Andy, am I speaking to Georgia? When you are saying yes this is Georgia, I would recommend writing their names down somewhere. At Disney it is so important that you make magical moments especially by using the guests name. So it’s good that you can remember the interviewers name because it shows you are listening and caring.

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