Geek Out Challenge – Day 1

I thought the perfect way to start off my blog and to get the ball rolling was to do the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge by Megan // A Geeky Gal.

What was your first fandom?

The definition for fandom is the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something. I literally had to look up the definition because fandom can mean so many different things. After some serious consideration and thought, I realized my first fandom I ever became apart of was American Girl Dolls.

Ever since I was little I was obsessed with these dolls. Even the bitty baby dolls featured below… and as you can see I had matching outfits! I mean come on, is this not the beginning origins of my cosplay life? I loved to match with my mini me doll.

Bitty Baby Doll

But what made American Girl so special for me besides the idea you can dress them up but they had outfits for you to match your doll, tea parties at their stores (or at least my home store), an American Girl Play…But also the idea that it made my imagination soar. American Girl for those who don’t know is not just about dolls, but the stories that go along with their outfits, hair, and shoes.

Each historical doll comes with a book about their backstory and what they are going through at their current moment. Unlike textbooks it’s a historical fiction story about an 8-12 year old girl. The girls come from a range of eras as early as Native American doll to a doll from the 1970’s. Each historical girl(doll) has their own name, book(s), friend, pet, clothes, and accessories. One of my favorite things as well when I was a kid was watching the American Girl Doll movies. I was a huge fan of them.

There are also Girl of the Year, which feature a new limited edition doll each year. I never read their books or were as into them as much as my historical dolls which to this day I still have.

When I was about 10, I had 12 dolls varying from historical, girl of the year, and the truly me dolls. I was truly obsessed with them and loved them so much. My favorite doll was Felicity Merriman who was from the Revolutionary War. She made me truly excited to learn about her era then and still to this day. It’s my favorite history topic to learn about.

Me in my dress from Felicity’s era(1776) along with the unveiling of my new doll Molly from around 1940

American Girl Dolls still hold close to my heart as I still have all my historical dolls. Although they may be in boxes, I still sometimes open the boxes to check on them.

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